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20 emergency physicians with most followers on Twitter

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I have been systematically following emergency physicians on Twitter for more than 3 years now thru my TwittER project. It all started in 2012 when I analysed around 600 Twitter account by emergency physicians. This report has been published in EMJ – Analysis of emergency physicians’ Twitter accounts.

Since 2012 I have added many more emergency physicians to the list, and I am currently following almost 1500. I believe this to be the biggest curated list of emergency physicians on Planet Earth.

Here are the top 20 emergency physicians with most followers on Twitter and some stats about their accounts. Tables and graphs are interactive. For example your can sort data in tables by clicking on header descriptions.

A list of 20 emergency physicians with most followers on Twitter
Their user names, real names and biographies.

Data from em-docs.silk.co

When did they create their accounts, how many people follow them, how many people they follow, and how many tweets have they published so far

Data from em-docs.silk.co

Same stats shown in a chart

Data from em-docs.silk.co

Where are these emergency physicians located

Data from em-docs.silk.co

Hope this gives you a bit of an idea about the most influential emergency physicians on Twitter and who to start following.
Remember even if you do not have a Twitter account, you can still follow in real time what 1500 emergency physicians are sharing with the World – TwittER project.
The list of emergency physicians is constantly updating, and if you are an emergency physician using Twitter or know someone who is, please follow @research_er to get included.

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