Ivor Kovic, M.D.

I want a doctor who......

is dreamy
is thorough
is into sports
is a stylish dresser
is hungry for new knowledge
doesn't panic in stressful situations
knows his way around the lab
You chose a dreamy doctor

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You chose a thorough doctor

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You chose a sporty doctor

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You chose a stylish doctor

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You chose a hungry doctor

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You chose a cool doctor

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You chose a scientist doctor

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"During a series of presentations of scientific papers 40.6% of 276 subjects reported dreaming, but only 18.1% actually fell asleep"

Dreaming during scientific papers: effects of added extrinsic material
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"While patients might acknowledge that physicians do not have a lot of time at their disposal, they expect their own individual cases to receive the attention they deserve"

Time flies: patients' perceptions of consultation length and actual duration.
Lussier MT, Richard C.
Can Fam Physician 2007;53:46-7.
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"The symptoms and signs of decompression sickness were first described in 1843 in caisson workers returning to atmospheric pressure"

Medical aspects of scuba diving
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"...a majority of patients (64%) thought that the way their doctor dressed was very important..."

Putting on the style: what patients think of the way their doctor dresses
McKinstry B, Wang JX.
Br J Gen Pract 1991;41:275-8.
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"...the premeal rise in ghrelin is considered a signal to the central nervous system of depleted energy stores"

Learning hunger: conditioned anticipatory ghrelin responses in energy homeostasis
Teff K.
Endocrinology 2006;147:20-2.
PMID: 16365141

"We are a tough nut to crack, but when we finally do crack, it's pretty messy"

How to defuse an exploding physician
Schumer D.
Fam Pract Manag 2006;13:86.
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"The time is right to become a physician-scientist"

The making of a physician-scientist--the process has a pattern: lessons from the lives of Nobel laureates in medicine and physiology
Archer SL.
Eur Heart J 2007;28:510-4.
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