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EyePhone for iPhone

EyePhone is the new application for iPhone which might prove useful to an ophthalmologist in the field to quickly assess a persons vision. It includes several ophthalmic tests such as Ishihara, near vision acuity, amsler grid and fixation target. Flashlight and pupil gauge are also there.

EyePhone was developed in Brazil by Valemobi for a company called Eyecare and it is available for free in the iTunes app store.

Take a look at various tests it offers.

Near Visual Acuity Test

Distance E Test

Fixating Test

Color Test – Ishihara

Amsler Grid

Pupil Gauge
Pupil Gauge Test

I am not sure how much useful this app will turn to be. If nothing, those Ishihara test plates look pretty amazing. Nevertheless, it is very exciting to see that creative medical apps for the iPhone seam to be appearing on regular basis.

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