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We need: cheap as chips AEDs

I am starting a new series of blog posts that I’ll call – We need. This is where I will be musing about things the World in a broad sense needs to be a better place. I will not be writing science fiction, but aim to write about what we can achieve soon, with the technology we already have, if we were just a bit more creative and bold.

My first article is about saving human lives with cheap Automated External Defibrillators.
Cheap as chips AED


Survival Tips

Article by Dr. Pamela F. Gallin featured in Reader’s Digest offers some advice on how to “Save Your Own Life“. Go ahead and read these expert tips for the following do-or-die emergencies: lost in the wilderness, chocking, heart attack, impalement, swimming emergencies, bear attack, poisoning, severe bleeding, rising water, allergic reaction, trapped in a burning building.
save your own life

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