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Creative Health Advertising, part 5

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You are what you touch


Reborn to be alive: Obituary
“One organ donor can save 8 lives.”
“One organ donor can save 8 lives.”

Nivea: Goodbye Cellulite Sofa
Nivea: Goodbye Cellulite Sofa

Miradent oral care system
Dental floss
Miradent oral care system: Dental floss

Hospital São Luiz: Rubik’s Cube
“Newborn Care Classes.”“Newborn Care Classes.”“Newborn Care Classes.”“Newborn Care Classes.”

Voltaren: Everyday movements
“When everyday movements seem impossible.”

ADESF: Lungs, Stomach, Heart
“Stop consuming your body”

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Neonatology vodcast

Couple of months ago my colleague Ileana Lulic, also a medical doctor from Croatia, and myself started to produce a vodcast in collaboration with Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at the University Hospital Rijeka. Vodcast is essentially a video podcast, online delivery of video on demand content via RSS feeds. Our vodcast was conceived with an idea to offer a quick review of the clinical examination of the newborn infant. Until today we have published 11 videos, in both Croatian and English, demonstrating the proper way to inspect primitive reflexes in the newborn infant, and 2 videos demonstrating procedures in neonatology (lumbar puncture and umbilical vein catheterization), currently only in Croatian.

You can view our videos here. To change between videos just change the slide at the left bottom.

Additionally you can visit our YouTube channel, our page at the iTunes store or subscribe to our RSS feed.

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