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Health Blogs Observatory

Health Blogs Observatory
You should know by now that every time my posts are slower, I am creating something in the dark corner of my room :-). This was the case when I introduced the OpenECGproject, and it is the case now, when I am introducing the Health Blogs Observatory.

Health Blogs Observatory is an online research lab devoted to examination of the health blogosphere. It was created by the health bloggers and for the health bloggers.

Main goals of the project are:

Two major characteristics of the Health Blogs Observatory are collaboration and openness. This is why I would like to invite all health/medical bloggers to join the community and start contributing to it by adding their blogs to the web directory and participating in the design of the health bloggers survey.

To always stay informed about new developments at the Health Blogs Observatory, subscribe to our RSS feeds and follow us on Twitter.


Medical Bloggers Follow-up Study

In our recently published article regarding medical bloggers, we have announced that we will be conducting a follow up study. So we did. We have visited again all of the health/medical blogs which we originally identified to see if they are still active. Also, we have invited the participants of the survey to take part in our short follow up survey.

Here are the results:

In our study we consulted four sources to identify medical blogs. Using these sources we found 627 unique blogs. Among these 627 blogs, only 331 were active and English-language medical blogs. At the end, 197 blogs from these 331 were included in our study because they provided direct contact information to their owners.

A year and half after our first visit, we visited those 331 blogs again and have found that 91 of them no longer exist or are inactive, since their last posts were more than 2 months old.
Medical Bloggers 1

After our article was published we informed all of the 197 bloggers who were originally invited to participate in the survey about it. This time we invited them to participate in a short follow-up survey. Thirteen of them did, and here are their characteristics.

Their mean age was 45, ranging from 27 to 73 years of age. Three females and 10 males.
Medical Bloggers 2

Most of them (11) were White and 2 Asian.
Medical bloggers 3

Again, most of them were highly educated.
Medical Bloggers 4

And from the United States.

Medical Bloggers 5

Some of them changed their blogging frequency since our last survey.
Medical Bloggers 6

However, what is most important is that they all shared interesting and useful comments and suggestions for future research. Motivated by their comments and great acceptance of our article in health/medical blogging community we are preparing fresh and bigger things regarding measuring of the health/medical blogosphere. You will be notified about them very soon.

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Medical Bloggers Survey Resume

It has been ten days since our “Examining the Medical Blogosphere: An Online Survey of Medical Bloggers” article was published in Journal of Medical Internet Research. During this period we have received numerous supportive e-mails from various bloggers and researchers. Also, many bloggers have written about our research, posted our abstract or slideshow presentation on their blogs. Interestingly, a lot of these post were written in languages other than English. There are posts out there about our research written in Italian, German, French, Russian, Spanish and Danish. All of these webpages were archived and are accessible at my Iterasi page.

We, the authors of the article, would like to thank everyone who wrote to us or wrote about or research on their website. Furthermore, we would like to announce that very soon we will be publishing the results of our follow-up medical bloggers survey, which will be available on this blog.

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Examining the Medical Blogosphere: An Online Survey of Medical Bloggers

Journal of Medical Internet ResearchI am very proud to announce that my colleagues Ileana Lulic, MD and Gordana Brumini, Phd from Rijeka University School of Medicine and myself have published a new scientific paper. Title of the paper is “Examining the Medical Blogosphere: An Online Survey of Medical Bloggers” and it was published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR).

JMIR is the leading peer-reviewed transdisciplinary journal on health and health care in the Internet age. It is top ranked as the #6 journal in the health sciences category (out of 57 leading journals) and #2 in the health informatics category (out of 20 journals). Most importantly, JMIR is an open access journal, meaning that you do not have to pay to access and read articles.

To read our paper just visit the following link:

We have also summarized our findings in a slide show presentation which you can see below.

We would like to thank all the bloggers who participated in our survey and made this research possible.