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20 emergency physicians with most followers on Twitter

I have been systematically following emergency physicians on Twitter for more than 3 years now thru my TwittER project. It all started in 2012 when I analysed around 600 Twitter account by emergency physicians. This report has been published in EMJ – Analysis of emergency physicians’ Twitter accounts.

Since 2012 I have added many more emergency physicians to the list, and I am currently following almost 1500. I believe this to be the biggest curated list of emergency physicians on Planet Earth.

Here are the top 20 emergency physicians with most followers on Twitter and some stats about their accounts. Tables and graphs are interactive. For example your can sort data in tables by clicking on header descriptions.


Medical Bloggers Follow-up Study

In our recently published article regarding medical bloggers, we have announced that we will be conducting a follow up study. So we did. We have visited again all of the health/medical blogs which we originally identified to see if they are still active. Also, we have invited the participants of the survey to take part in our short follow up survey.

Here are the results:

In our study we consulted four sources to identify medical blogs. Using these sources we found 627 unique blogs. Among these 627 blogs, only 331 were active and English-language medical blogs. At the end, 197 blogs from these 331 were included in our study because they provided direct contact information to their owners.

A year and half after our first visit, we visited those 331 blogs again and have found that 91 of them no longer exist or are inactive, since their last posts were more than 2 months old.
Medical Bloggers 1

After our article was published we informed all of the 197 bloggers who were originally invited to participate in the survey about it. This time we invited them to participate in a short follow-up survey. Thirteen of them did, and here are their characteristics.

Their mean age was 45, ranging from 27 to 73 years of age. Three females and 10 males.
Medical Bloggers 2

Most of them (11) were White and 2 Asian.
Medical bloggers 3

Again, most of them were highly educated.
Medical Bloggers 4

And from the United States.

Medical Bloggers 5

Some of them changed their blogging frequency since our last survey.
Medical Bloggers 6

However, what is most important is that they all shared interesting and useful comments and suggestions for future research. Motivated by their comments and great acceptance of our article in health/medical blogging community we are preparing fresh and bigger things regarding measuring of the health/medical blogosphere. You will be notified about them very soon.

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