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Save water and your life when you shower

Just 2.5% of the planet’s water is fresh and less than 1% is available for human consumption because the rest is stored in the form of ice bergs. Think about this the next time you’re taking a shower. The average shower uses 64 liters of water, but this number can be even higher. Modern power shower can easily use 20 liters of water a minute, meaning more than five minutes in the shower could use more than 100 liters. Astonishing figures!

CueThere are some cheap and smart devices on the market which can help you save water, money and maybe even your life. CUE the breast self-exam reminder is an electronic breast self-exam reminder, a shower timer, a clock, a doctor’s visit reminder. It helps you reduce the time you spent in the shower and the amount of water you use, but it also reminds you to perform your breast self-exam seven days after your period begins, when your breasts are least tender. With it you also receive the instructional DVD, “Performing Your Breast Self-Exam”.

powerdropSimply timing your shower is a positive step forward, but it doesn’t tell you how much water you saved. Another device called Eco Showerdrop can do just that. Before you start using it, you calibrate it to measure your own particular shower. This way you can set your goal to save liters and liters of precious water. On the other hand, Eco Showerdrop doesn’t offer reminders.

Shower or not, woman should regularly perform breast self exams. Five Steps of a Breast Self-Exam from is a good place to start.

Via Gizmodo and SmartPlanet.

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