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Stop smoking with qwitter

Are you struggling to stop smoking? You tried all sorts of approaches, but none of them worked. Maybe you can try qwitter, it’s not like you have something to lose (except your nasty habit).

Qwitter is a social tool powered by twitter and created, you guest it, to help you stop smoking. It does that by allowing you to:

  • easily keep track of how many cigarettes you smoke each day
  • keep a journal of your thoughts & feelings as you strive to smoke less
  • view your progress over time
  • share this information with others who can support you (or insult you)

qwitterI like certain things about it, mostly originating from twitter working in the background. It is very easy and simple to use, it allows your friends/family/shrink to subscribe to your grumbling and it produces some nice looking stats, representing number of cigarettes you smoked each day. This way you can expose your personal failures on the Internet for everyone to see, and if this doesn’t get you to stop smoking nothing will. 

I don’t know if qwitter actually helped anyone, but I saw today that there were 474 people using it, so if you want to stop or start smoking (wouldn’t that be original) why not become the registered user number 475. I just hope you don’t get addicted to qwitter/twitter.  


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