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RT @ivorkovic: Twitter homepage parody

Twitter is getting more popular every day, and a lot of people around me started using it. I published this Twitter parody months ago, just when I started my blog and maybe two people were reading it. Now I got like five people reading my blog, so I was thinking why not publish it again. Nothing has changed, the joke is as fresh as ever (read – it is lame).

You all know people who write about each and every thing happening in their lives…I just eat a banana….I just updated my Twitter page…..I just typed a letter A and a dot. You know, something like James Joyce on Twitter. I mean even people behind Twitter suggest you use their service like that. So, I made a little parody regarding the Twitter homepage, more precisely the part where they explain why you should use their service.

Here is the actual screen shot of the Twitter homepage.

Twitter homepage

And here is my version of the Twitter homepage.

Twitter modified parody page

Hope you like my version better.

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