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Kill Your Blog

tweetAt least this is what Paul Boutin suggests you do. He is a blogger himself, writing for the Valleywag blog, and for The New York Times, and for The Wall Street Journal, and for Slate, and for Wired magazine. And in the latest issue of Wired magazine he wrote a provocative and interesting article about why you need to stop blogging.

“It’s almost impossible to get noticed, except by hecklers. And why bother? The time it takes to craft sharp, witty blog prose is better spent expressing yourself on Flickr, Facebook, or Twitter.” – writes Boutin and adds, “That said, your blog will still draw the Net’s lowest form of life: The insult commenter.”

He thinks Twitter is the way to go these days and finishes off with a tweet – @WiredReader: Kill yr blog. 2004 over. Google won’t find you. Too much cruft from HuffPo, NYT. Commenters are tards. C u on Facebook?

Photo: Todd Tankersley

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