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Doylestown Hospital uses iPhones

Apple has published a profile of the Doylestown Hospital which relies on a mobile workforce of 360 independent physicians using iPhones.

Dr. Scott Levy, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Doylestown Hospital said that with iPhone use, they’ve seen clear, noticeable improvements in patient care.

Here is what physicians can do with their iPhones in this hospital:

  • use push email to receive the hospital’s time-sensitive email alerts, as well as have access to calendars and contacts
  • have cellular service anywhere in the hospital, including ICU, so they can be on call and available around the clock
  • secure mobile access to the hospital’s electronic medical records system
  • can see everything needed for patient care, including vital signs, medications, lab results, allergies, nurses’ notes, therapy results, and even information about patient diet
  • use medical reference applications such as Epocrates Essentials to help explain diseases, interpret lab results, and provide drug information right at the patient’s bedside

Take a look at the following video to learn more.

Don’t despare if you are not working in a similar hospital. There are still a lot of useful things you can do with your iPhone. Read my “Why is iPhone perfect for doctors” article to get you started.

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