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Creative CPR ads

Getting people to take notice of anything related to CPR is hard. Who cares, right? People would rather talk about Lady Gaga, sports, or whatever. Not many actually visit YouTube to search for CPR videos. So you have to be extremely creative to get their attention. Here are some great CPR ads that really get the message across to ordinary folks.

Vinnie Jones’ hard and fast Hands-only CPR
This ad has been released about 3 weeks ago by the British Heart Foundation, and has become viral in the last couple of days on Twitter and other social networks. It features Vinnie Jones, a famous English film actor and retired Welsh footballer, as a tough mobster giving you a lesson you will never forger. A lesson in hands-only CPR. There are two versions of the ad, with slight differences like the end, and you can see them both below.

Short version

Long version

More CPR ads after the break.

CPR First Time
A funny video by St John Ambulance in Australia demonstrating CPR on a drowning victim. Remember that such victims really benefit from rescue breaths, regardless of all the promotion of hands-only CPR (delivering only chest compressions).

American Heart Association
American Heart Association is well know for great advertising. Here are two videos they made.

These hands

Ken Jeong AHA Hands-Only CPR video
Ken Jeong, an American comedian and actor, is the lead man in this ad. Did you know he is also a physician? Internal medicine specialist? Wonder what these two ladies specialize in?

Super Sexy CPR
I saved some sweetness for the end. This CPR ad is also an actual ad for the company called Fortnight lingerie. What do you think they are selling? Nevertheless, it is a great video, and it got huge amount of attention, which is always good.

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