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Can tablets replace AED trainers?

Ivor Medical AED trainer
Automated external defibrillator (AED) training is essential to any cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) course. Because AEDs save lives. Instructors use AED trainers to teach defibrillator use during courses. AED trainers are dummy versions of the real AED. One of the main problems is that they are quite expensive. They are not helping to lower the barriers of AED training dissemination. And we need these skills to spread like wild fire.

So can we do something about it? Can we replace these devices with something else? I sure think so. This was one of the reasons I started Ivor Medical in the first place. We have developed a complete AED training solution based on tablets and mobile phones.

Research into tablet AED trainer

Today a research article has been published comparing our solution to traditional AED trainers. It was conducted during CPR courses delivered to medical students. In short, it has shown that our cost effective solution can be successfully used during CPR courses as an alternative to traditional AED trainers.

Please read the full article at open source journal Signa Vitae.


Prescribe an app for your anxious patient

You know the story well.
A young, otherwise fit and healthy, patient complaining of non specific chest pain, shortness of breath and/or palpitations. Maybe this is their first presentation to your emergency department, or maybe they came to see you many times before. Maybe they already saw their family doctor, and maybe they had some further work up and were even put on some medication.

So, here they are. They go thru triage and have an ECG. And you know that this is not some weird and rare cardiac case. You know this is anxiety. Depending on how busy and stressed you are, you might approach them in various ways. Maybe you’ll even brush them off, because you don’t have time for non life threatening nonsense. “Your ECG is OK, you can go now, and see your family doctor if you have any further problems.”


We need: cheap as chips AEDs

I am starting a new series of blog posts that I’ll call – We need. This is where I will be musing about things the World in a broad sense needs to be a better place. I will not be writing science fiction, but aim to write about what we can achieve soon, with the technology we already have, if we were just a bit more creative and bold.

My first article is about saving human lives with cheap Automated External Defibrillators.
Cheap as chips AED