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Creative Health Advertising, part 7

Click on the images to enlarge them.

Trident Blancheur: Cinema

Becel: Elevator

Jin Si Ping: Tootbrush, Spoon, Pen
“Stopping tremor, Jin Si Ping beats Parkinson’s disease effectively.”

Smoke Free Home: Kid

Tylenol: Wrecking Ball

Modern Shoe Hospital: Band Aid

CDR: Table
“Strong bone formula.”

Liga Contra el Cáncer: 15000

BC Lung Association: For More Information

ACT Mouthwash: Bad
“Bad breath is unforgiving.”

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation: Sam, Charlotte, Molly

Garmastan: Torn Nipple

Mexican Association of Pediatricians: Soccer

Cancer Association of North Rhine Westphalia: Breast Cancer Prevention Package

The Lung Association: Hole

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Bill Bailey’s Foreign Ambulance Sirens

Bill Bailey, is a popular English stand-up comedian, musician and actor. In 2007 he was voted number seven on UK Channel 4’s hundred greatest stand-ups. Here is his joke about ambulance sirens in different countries.

Here are the lyrics and English translation of the song he sings at the end.

English translation:

We are injured
We have a man
He’s called Jean-Michel
His leg is broken
With a young girl
She’s caled Gisèle
She’s so beautiful
They climbed up a tree
To make love
They adopted the missionary position – Its popular
He fell
He broke his leg

French Lyrics:

Nous sommes blessés
Nous avons un homme
Il s’appelle Jean-Michel
Sa jambe est cassé
Avec une jeune fille
Elle s’appelle Gisèle
C’est si belle
Ils ont montés dans un arbre
Pour faire l’amour
Il a adopté la position misionnaire – c’est populaire
Il est tombé
Sa jambe est cassé

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Dr. Awesome, Microsurgeon M.D.

This is a game for the iPhone for which I wanted to do a video review, but I see that others have already done it, so I will just embed their video.

Here is a description of this game:
Prepare to go micro! You are Dr. Awesome, the world’s most popular microsurgeon. A deadly strain of virus is attacking the population and you are tasked to defeat it before time runs out!

You must perform microsurgery to isolate and eradicate the mutagens that have infected your friends, personalized from your contact list. Cut and trap the offending viruses with your accelerometer-guided micro scalpel, avoid disruptive virus counter attacks and collect various power-ups to succeed. You’ll need a need steady hand to be the best!

So, the game doesn’t make any sense from a medical perspective. You are a surgeon cutting cells with some kind of micro laser ??!!##?? to kill the viruses. Although, Rocket Scientist’s Laser Scalpel Targets Individual Cells article from Wired got me thinking. One cool feature of this game is that it incorporates with your contact list on the phone, so your friends become your patients. Scary.

Take a look at the video review:

Dr. Awesome iPhone Review from Kevin Rose on Vimeo.

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RT @ivorkovic: Twitter homepage parody

Twitter is getting more popular every day, and a lot of people around me started using it. I published this Twitter parody months ago, just when I started my blog and maybe two people were reading it. Now I got like five people reading my blog, so I was thinking why not publish it again. Nothing has changed, the joke is as fresh as ever (read – it is lame).

You all know people who write about each and every thing happening in their lives…I just eat a banana….I just updated my Twitter page…..I just typed a letter A and a dot. You know, something like James Joyce on Twitter. I mean even people behind Twitter suggest you use their service like that. So, I made a little parody regarding the Twitter homepage, more precisely the part where they explain why you should use their service.

Here is the actual screen shot of the Twitter homepage.

Twitter homepage

And here is my version of the Twitter homepage.

Twitter modified parody page

Hope you like my version better.


Wasting your life online

Are we all spending too much time on the Internet? It seams that a lot of people I know, the people whose blogs I am reading, the people who I follow on Twitter, are actually some kind of electrical beings living inside the biggest web of all. They are constantly online. Seriously, when they are not behind their computers, they are using their mobile phones just to always stay connected. Is this too much. Is there a limit. I mean, the next time I design some sort of a web survey, I am not going to ask how much hours a day you spend online, but rather how much hours a day you spend living in the real world. And sure, I confess, I am no much different.

Ahhh just forget about it, this great Joy of Tech cartoon got me thinking. Don’t worry, I’ll be myself again once I check my Twitter, and MyBlogLog, and Facebook, and LinkedIn, and Delicious, and my RSS reader, and Gmail, and …..

Joy of Tech

By the way, you can read the interview with the artist behind the Joy of Tech at the Croatian blog for Macintosh users I actually write for. Just scroll down, the English version is there somewhere.

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im bored colgate

Google updated their iPhone app to include voice recognition. You simply tap a button, speak up keywords you want to use to search the web, the software recognizes what you said and gives you back your search results.

When I tried pronouncing my name, Ivor Kovic, Google app recognized it as “im bored colgate”. This made me laugh hysterically and realize two thing, I need to improve my accent and Google needs to improve its software. On the other hand, the app works flawlessly most of the times and it offers the best voice recognition that I encountered so far on the iPhone.

Take a look at the video demonstration from Google.

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